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Pursuit is an all-ages conference created by Gateway Church with the goal of encouraging our entire church family to pursue a closer relationship with God.

Pursuit 2017: United

The culture was beginning to resemble a torn and tattered garment of beliefs, its thread the sin within the people.

But the Apostle Paul believed in the people of Christ’s church in Ephesus, and God’s power to unify the body bringing peace to Rome. Though jailed, physically abandoned in the darkness of a prison cell, the Apostle Paul cast a net of light in letters to the faithful, illuminating a desire to spread the message of Christ. He urged the believers of Ephesus to work together as one body to bring this peace reconciling heart to soul in strength and love.


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What is the Pursuit Conference?

Pursuit is an all-ages conference created by Gateway Church with the goal of encouraging our entire church family to pursue a closer relationship with God.

We believe that when you set aside time to pursue God, you will encounter Him, and He will do more than you could ever ask or imagine.

We are excited to cheer you on every year during Pursuit, as you and your family commit to running after a more abundant life through a relationship with God!

We are glad that you stopped by to check out all the details about Gateway’s Pursuit Conference. There will be a lot going on and we don’t want you to miss a thing! So look around, watch a video, go through the tabs, take it all in, and then check back often for updates as we get closer to the conference date.

We believe … we know it’s going to be a great weekend for you!


Learn More About Pursuit

  • “I am what I am because of retreats and days that I set aside to listen to God’s clear voice in my life. If you have never done this chances are you may be missing out on something significant in your life.”

    • Rick Boyes - Lead Pastor - Gateway Church

  • “I believe “Pursuit” is going to be a weekend of hearing from, and meeting with God and as we come with anticipation, God will speak clearing into our lives individually and corporately as a church.”

    • Dave Andrews - Church Ministries Director - Gateway Church

  • “Pursuit is intentional, directional, motivational, inspirational, confrontational!”

    •  Doris Walmsley

  • “Come and take some time to renovate your heart for God!”

    • Susan Sandig - Church Ministries AssistantGateway Church

  • “We’re all chasing after something. Whether it’s fame and fortune or a sticky-faced child, our pursuit is useless unless we first pursue God. The steps we take to run after Him, when taken with purpose and on purpose will take us on an incredible journey . . . an incredible pursuit.”

    • Janine BucklesExecutive AssistantGateway Church    

  • “God’s desire is for us, his people, to pursue Him. I believe that God is in pursuit of our lives everyday. But we are more often in pursuit of our own agendas. It is time to realize we are second! It is not at all about us! It is about our God!”

    • Miranda SmithymanStudent Mission AssistantGateway Church

  • “If you’re anything like me, you want to live a passionate, devoted, Christ-centered life, but you really need God’s help to do that. We need to meet with Him, to listen to Him, to seek Him, to PURSUE Him… and when we do, He will meet us.”

    • Pastor Tim Schwindt - Music & Creative DirectorGateway Church

Special Guests


Jason Small

PAOC Northern Ontario Regional Director

Jason and his wife, Carla, have been married for 19 years and have a beautiful daughter, Gracie, and a wonderful son named Caleb. Jason’s interests include a wide variety of sports such as hockey, golf, skiing, and racing. He loves big loud Harley Davidson motorcycles and most anything that travels fast. Carla is into creative arts, as…

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